Scott A. Gradwell, D.M.D., F.A.G.D, P.C.

Vatech Green CT 2D & 3D Imaging: Superior Digital Radiography in Lehigh Valley

The Vatech Green CT 2D and 3D digital radiography machine is the lowest-radiation dosage CBCT machine in the world. CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, one of the most significant diagnostic advancements in implant dentistry and endodontics today. In December, 2013, the very first Vatech Green CT imaging machine in Lehigh Valley arrived at the office of Dr. Scott A. Gradwell, D.M.D., F.A.G.D., P.C. Since then, we’ve been providing patients in our communities with premier, cutting-edge diagnostic imaging to achieve optimal oral health.

With the power of Vatech Green CT technology, we now have the ability to take panoramic x-rays as well as 3D Cone Beam images. Whereas traditional full mouth and bitewing x-rays involve multiple scans – along with tedious changing of film in and out of the patient’s mouth – the Vatech imaging machine can perform this common task all at once in a single, quick scan. Who wouldn’t love instant gratification at the dentist’s office?

Full benefits that we’re now able to pass on to our patients include:

  • Clearer, crisper images for unparalleled diagnostic accuracy
  • Ultra-low dose radiation for enhanced safety
  • Eco-friendly technology helps conserve our environment
  • Super-fast imaging means patients save valuable time
  • So safe and effective, it’s even FDA cleared for pediatric use

At Dr. Gradwell’s office in Allentown, PA, our dedicated team has spent countless hours in comprehensive training in order to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills needed to utilize this technology. The Vatech Green CT machine produces superior images for exceptional diagnostic care, all while sparing the patient unnecessary exposure to potentially harmful radiation. You can view actual images captured by the machine and find out more about this revolutionary technology at Vatech’s official website here.

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