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Soft-Tissue Grafts

A soft-tissue graft is sometimes necessary when gum tissue recedes due to gum disease, injury, tooth position, or other factors. When the tissue recedes, it can expose the tooth roots, creating tooth sensitivity and increasing the risk for disease, as well as bone loss. Dr. Gradwell, Lehigh Valley periodontist, performs soft-tissue grafts safely and comfortably at our Allentown office, often in just one visit.

No matter the reason for your gum recession, you should seek treatment right away. A soft-tissue graft can improve your oral health and comfort by:

  • Preventing further recession
  • Covering the exposed tooth root
  • Stopping increased sensitivity
  • Improving the aesthetics of the tooth

Dr. Gradwell performs several types of soft-tissue grafts at his Lehigh Valley office. Depending on the type of graft you receive, a soft tissue graft may involve removing tissue from the soft palate and attaching it to the area needing coverage. Tissues can also be acquired through our trusted tissue banks, such as LifeNet. Another grafting technique that is an alternative to soft tissue grafts is a Mucograft™ by Osteohealth. Mucograft is a collagen matrix that allows for guided tissue regeneration in periodontal recession defects. Dr. Gradwell firmly believes in explaining treatment options fully, and he will discuss your options and what you can expect during your consultation or exam.

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