PerioDerm is a user-friendly and easy to use dermis material for gum graft that does not require us to take skin from your palate!! Symbois PerioDerm is an acellular dermal allograft designed for predictability in replacing damaged or inadequate Gum tissue or the repair of gum recession.

PerioDerm is a safe skin material that is harvested as a human allograft and has been predictable results as autologous human skin grafts (skin from patients own palate).

Ask us about this exciting new material and the excellent results that we have achieved in our Gum Rejuvenation Surgery.


Before and after results of PerioDerm. You can see how effective the procedure is.

You can see the great results that PerioDerm offers. The gum looks much healthier in the before and after pictures.

The material below is an actual look of what PerioDerm looks like. The texture of it allows us to manipulate so that it will mold to the contours of your teeth and gums.

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