Scott A. Gradwell, D.M.D., F.A.G.D, P.C.

Your First Visit

When you choose Dr. Gradwell as your Periodontist, we are confident you will be glad you did. Our goal at your initial new patient visit is to make sure you have been treated with the utmost in hospitality with a capital “H.” We would like to make sure you feel like you are the only patient in our office during your initial visit. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive a patient information and medical history form in the mail, or you may download these forms from our website. Please return these completed forms at your initial visit. Upon arrival at our office you will meet our administrative staff. After a warm welcome, you will be brought back to our new patient exam room by either Heather or Rachel.

Dr. Gradwell’s goal is to treat each patient with the same care and understanding he would for any of his own family members. We will review your medical and dental history in order to have a good appreciation of your health status and your dental concerns. We will also provide periodontal charting. This is the measurement of your gum pockets at six points on each tooth. These pocket measurements will be recorded as a permanent part of your record and can be accessed at any time in the future. We will take pictures of the inside of your mouth and they will be placed on a flat screen television so you as the patient can see the concerns that are being addressed.

It is generally recommended that a full mouth series of radiographs be no more than three years old. This is a recommendation from the American Academy of Periodontology and quite often required by dental insurance companies prior to allowing reimbursement to patients for treatment. After you make your initial appointment, we will contact your referring dentist to obtain the most recent x-rays they have on record for you. We will discuss with you if additional x-rays are required for diagnostic purposes or insurance reimbursement.

Dr. Gradwell and his staff pride themselves in patient education. Our philosophy is that a well informed patient becomes the most happy and successful patient. Some of the experiences you may have at our office might include watching an 8 minute video on periodontal disease, dental implants, gingival grafting or systemic disease concerns caused by gum disease. We use patient education models of teeth and educational flip charts to provide you with helpful visual aids. This is all done in order to complete your understanding of what your treatment options are.

Providing treatment options is another priority of Dr. Gradwell’s. He would like every you to leave the office with the understanding of what your treatment options are so that you can make the best decision with as much information and guidance as possible.

Once a custom treatment plan is discussed and you feel comfortable in the direction of that treatment plan, we will do our best to include all of the fees associated with that treatment. It is important for you to know that those fees include, all of the necessary postoperative visits and appropriate follow-up. Our Insurance Coordinator, will do her best to assist you with insurance reimbursement. We will do all the necessary paperwork to include sending x-rays and narratives to your insurance company. Our office staff will also field any insurance calls that require help for your reimbursement. As you leave the office we would like to make sure you have a clear understanding of your treatment as well as the peace of mind knowing that you will be receiving the best possible care.

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Contact Dr. Gradwell at (610) 770-1050 for your periodontal or dental implant consultation. From our Allentown periodontal office, we serve patients in the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas, including Bethlehem, Easton, Coopersburg, and Reading. We look forward to showing you the state-of-the-art options available to meet your dental needs.

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