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Bone Grafting

When tooth loss occurs, the bone tissue that once supported the tooth begins to wither away. This results in depleted jaw-bone mass and can also contribute to a "shrunken" facial appearance. Fear not! If you've experienced bone loss, Dr. Gradwell can perform a bone grafting procedure, which will restore your facial appearance and allow you to receive dental implants.

A bone graft is a procedure in which bone and soft tissues are grafted onto the area where bone loss has occurred. We use tissues provided through LifeNet, a fully certified tissue bank.

Other bone grafting opportunities available are Dynamtrix, Dynablast, and Accell from Keystone Dental. These bone grafting materials have the added benefit of increased levels of bone morphogenic proteins or commonly referred to as BMP’s. As a result, our patients enjoy the benefits of safely and successfully regaining the hard and soft tissues needed for successful dental reconstruction.

After your bone graft, you can receive an implant that will continue to stimulate healthy bone growth – restoring your oral health and your facial appearance. In most cases, bone grafting and dental implants are permanent, meaning after the procedure is completed, you can enjoy a strong, solid smile for the rest of your years.

If you've been told that you cannot receive dental implants due to bone loss – then visit Dr. Gradwell. With over 20 years of experience, he performs a wide array of implant surgical procedures, which include ridge expansion, sinus lifts, tooth extractions, and bone grafting procedures. These successful procedures allow for the patient to have increased bone mass and density. The resulting bone growth will allow for the predictable placement of dental implants.

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